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This article describes the most effective mobile apps development techniques (and react mobile development, in particular) to help you balancing between the available opportunities.

Following the intention to reach the target audience better, most companies perforce follow the cutting-edge trends. Nowadays, there’s no wonder that even a coffee house or a laundry has its own website. A unique web page is quite an essential part of an image, just as a recognizable logo. But besides the site, there’s another useful asset that, despite all the advantages, sometimes remains undervalued. We’re talking about mobile application.

Unlike the websites, mobile apps allow using all the available features of mobile devices. Geotagging allows locate a user and make him or her an individual offer according to this info. Mobile apps work without the connection to the Internet, they’re available 24/7 and help your customer always have a tiny part of your company close to him. If you decide to get the described advantages and create mobile application along with the website, we must warn you that this won’t be the only decision that you need to take. In consideration of the fact that there are more that one way to create those apps, you are free to choose an option that suits you best. You can be guided by different criteria such as performance rate, development time, or the costs.

So, here are four different technologies we want to tell you about:

  • Native applications. The most typical case of mobile application development using the proper programming language
  • PhoneGap. A framework that allows creating mobile applications using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
  • React Native. A technology that can be used to create apps with the React JS framework
  • Angular 2 and Native Script. Why not take best from two different frameworks?