How Do You Select a Dubai Taxi Service?

When you are looking for a reliable Dubai taxi service, you should look no further. The Dubai Taxi Service has reasonable rates and makes booking cabs convenient. There are various payment methods available and you can also become a member and enjoy monthly discounts. In addition, you can book your rides on a monthly basis. So, how do you choose a taxi service? Read on for some tips! How Do You Select a Dubai Taxi Service?


The Uber taxi service in Dubai has been suspended since August due to a dispute with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). This was a result of the ride-hailing company’s complaint that its regulations forced it to charge riders up to 30% more than taxi fares – a significant gap by international standards. The services have since resumed, but not before the ride-hailing company and the RTA have worked out an agreement.

Both companies are facing competition from ride-hailing services, which have launched in the UAE. Careem and Uber are two popular ride-hailing services in Dubai. Uber purchased Careem in 2012, but the companies are run separately. Although the two companies have similar services, the former has a more professional image and better vehicles. Neither Uber nor Careem has the same level of customer service. In addition, the services are much more expensive, which is another reason to try both of them.


The Careem app is a popular ride hailing app that has launched in the MENA region, including the UAE, Pakistan, and Turkey. The company recently announced a partnership with the Dubai International Financial Centre, one of the leading finance hubs in the MEASA region. The company is backed by 22 investors, has 10 branches in Dubai, and has 35 customer reviews. You can use the Careem app to order a taxi, and there is a 24-hour support service available online

Despite its new partnership with the RTA, Careem has a long way to go before it is fully operational. The RTA received bids from five global ride hailing services, but only Careem is allowed to operate taxis and limos in Dubai. The new partnership with RTA is designed to reduce traffic congestion and provide a smoother taxi experience. The new service will launch in April 2019, and customers will be able to book a taxi using the Careem app or hail a taxi from the street.


Careem, the owner of the acclaimed taxi service in Dubai, is confident that Hala will succeed in the UAE’s capital city and plan to expand it to new markets in the region. Hala is a new concept, which aims to replicate its success in other Emirates within the UAE and outside the country. The service began with 2,000 taxis in Dubai, but officials are planning to double the number of cars by mid-September.

The joint venture between the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and ride-hailing company Careem has made hailing a new way to travel in the city. By allowing customers to order a taxi through the Careem mobile app, Hala allows customers to find the nearest Dubai Taxi on demand. The company has trained over 10,000 captains to handle e-hailing requests. The joint venture aims to reduce the waiting time for users and improve the overall quality of service.

Dubai Taxi Corporation

Among the most renowned taxi services in Dubai, the Dubai Taxi Corporation has a long history of success. Founded by the Dubai government, the company operates as a franchise, providing customized services such as Hatta Taxi, Ladies & Families, and Special Needs Taxi. With over three thousand and fifty vehicles, Dubai Taxi Corporation needed an efficient way to track parts inventory and optimize fleet maintenance processes. To this end, the company chose DSI(r) and implemented its maintenance and inventory management processes with DSI(r).

The corporation offers professional drivers and services that are aimed at ensuring the safety of passengers. Its drivers are fully qualified and insured and are committed to making your travel experience as pleasant as possible. The company is open for business 24 hours a day, so you can make your reservations anytime of the day or night. The fare for a 6 hour trip is AED 250 and for a twelve-hour trip, AED 1800. For women, there are taxis named Women of determination with pink rooftops and blue logo icons on the back windows. Professional women drivers drive these vehicles.