How to choose herpes medication

Herpes is an infectious human disease caused by the herpes simplex virus. Herpes virus affects the genitals, skin and facial mucous membranes. Infection occurs by contact, sexual and airborne droplets. According to world studies herpes virus affects more than 90% of the world’s population. You can buy a variety of medicines that help get rid of various diseases on this website

How to prevent herpes

Once in the body, herpes virus may not immediately cause clinical manifestations, and only during colds, immunodeficiency states, when immune protection is reduced, herpes rash appears. In the case of frequent manifestations of herpetic rashes it is advisable in the complex therapy with immunomodulators to take antiherpetic drugs. In the case of the slightest suspicion of infection with genital herpes urgently consult a dermatovenerologist, only he will be able to select for you a cure for herpes. 

What are the symptoms of herpes? 

Symptoms of herpes are specific: first there is itching and burning of the skin, then there is local swelling and eruption of small blisters with clear liquid. These manifestations indicate that your body is not able to fight the virus and you need to start taking medication against herpes. 

How to treat herpes?

Among the many antiviral drugs there are anti-herpes medications. Anti-herpes medications can be available as creams for external use, and in tablets for ingestion. With skin rashes, creams are used that are applied to the affected areas. When mucous membranes and internal organs are affected, herpes medications are taken as pills, and combined treatment with external agents and oral medications to enhance each other’s effect is possible. 

Treatment, which is aimed at suppressing the activity of herpes, necessarily includes the use of antiviral drugs. To date, the use of new drugs that have anti-herpetic properties is recommended. They selectively suppress the virus and its activity, reducing the intensity of intracellular replication with the formation of viral particles. The mechanism of drug action is competitive substitution of the nucleotide base, as a result of which the process of replication of genetic material is disrupted. 

Etiotropic treatment includes the prescription of modern drugs, which are chemical modifications of acyclovir. Due to slight changes in the chemical structure, they have a longer and more pronounced therapeutic effect. Antiviral agents are used primarily in the severe course of herpetic infection, especially against the background of a pronounced decrease in the functional activity of the immune system.

They can be prescribed by the doctor in 2 main dosage forms:

  1. Tablets for systemic use – such antiviral drugs are used in the severe course of the infectious pathological process, in persons with the presence of concomitant diseases, in the elderly, weakened people. It is very important to take the drugs as quickly as possible. Their use against the background of the first manifestations of herpes makes it possible to achieve a reverse development of the disease. This is due to the fact that during the incubation period and at the time of the appearance of the first clinical signs of the infectious process, the virus is actively replicating, and at this stage it is very sensitive to antiviral drugs.
  2. Ointments for external use – medications are designed to treat herpetic rashes that contain a significant amount of the virus. It is better to start treatment from the first days of the disease before the formation of vesicles. You can buy medication here