How To Choose An IT Outsourcing Company

First and foremost, you need to clearly identify the scope of the work you need and your expectations. This will help determine the type of service you need and the cost. For example, do you really need 24/7 service or will support during normal business hours work for you? You want to make sure you have the service level you need without paying for services you do not need.

You want to find a company that is experienced in the specific area you wish to outsource and is familiar with your industry, if at all possible.

Make sure the company you work with knows what they are doing. Do not rely on what a sales person tells you or what a company’s website says they can do. Ask for a portfolio of similar work and ask for references. You will want to talk with current customers and see if the service and relationship models the way you wish to work.

If they say they can integrate with your systems, ask for specific instances where they have done so successfully.

This is an important decision and you want to make sure you have done your due diligence.

You will want to have a firm to understand your company’s capabilities and capacity. Just because someone is good at one thing doesn’t mean they are good at everything. Ask for specific examples of how they have handled similar tasks in the past. Again, ask for references whom you can contact. Find out how they handle add-on services and what capacity they have available to grow as your business grows.

If your business works with an attorney, he or she will charge you top dollar. However, he or she will more than likely have associates and junior partners who can handle portions of your job, and yet you will still be charged at a premium. You don’t want to get hit with top rates when a less expensive attorney can handle the matter efficiently. The same goes with choosing the right IT Outsourcer. A team with a mix of junior, mid-level, and senior professionals can give you a quality service commensurate with the task at hand and help keep costs reasonable.

A good IT outsourcing company (B2B Listings) will not only provide you the required services needed, but will also act as a consultant to help you develop best practices within your company. They deal with companies every day in different industries and are exposed to a lot of different practices. Ask how they can help you streamline processes and increase your efficiency.

Make sure you have a dedicated point person to work with to ensure good communication and accountability. Poor communication or chain-of-command can crater a relationship quickly.


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