How to choose a law firm?

Unfortunately, having almost got used to the fact that we can be deceived in any area, we are extremely careful in choosing a service provider, a seller of goods. But faced with a personal problem and turning to lawyers, we forget about caution. And for nothing. In this article we will tell you some useful information: how you can be deceived in a law firm, what you need to pay attention to, seeking legal assistance, and how to protect yourself as much as possible.

  1. The lawyer gives a 100% guarantee – just sign a contract. No real lawyer will never give a guarantee. Maximum possible conclusion is a message about the chances, but no more. In any circumstances, the case in court can get a completely reverse turn, and a qualified lawyer understands this perfectly. 
  2. Contracts without prepayment or on the fact of winning the case. Worldwide legal practice implies a prepayment for legal services and an additional payment on the fact of the won case. The contract with the guarantee and payment on the fact of winning the case may be in the end for the client is much more expensive than the usual fixed prepayment. Read the contract carefully. In it, as a rule, there is a point, on which you still have to pay all the costs incurred by the law firm, but what they will be – it will be decided by the law firm itself, and just in the end will put you before the fact, telling you what amount you now have to pay. 
  3. The contract is not a closed party to the relationship with the client. Ask the law firm to provide for review of the contract itself. Tell them that you want to consult with a lawyer you know. If you refuse to give the contract for review in the office or do not send it by e-mail – you can cross this company out of the list of possible representatives in court. If the contract is given to you without problems – this is an indicator that he is normal and you have almost nothing to fear.
  4. Make sure you’re safe. Secure yourself with an arbitration clause. Invite a company to change the jurisdiction of the contract to an arbitration tribunal or, as the place of arbitration will now be called, an arbitration institution. You can initially choose an arbitration tribunal at home and offer it to a law firm. Unscrupulous law firms and one-day companies will refuse to make this reservation. If it is initially assumed that they may not fulfill their obligations or perform them poorly, then in the case of a dispute you go to the state court, where the litigation may last for years, and it is very profitable for the dishonest performer. And the calculation that you simply prefer not to contact the courts and give the firm your money. Most law firms already have such clauses and it sounds in the contract, for example: “All disputes and disagreements under this contract are settled in the First Arbitration Institution, the court decision is final and binding on the parties”. 
  5. Look for reviews of the company on the Internet. Negative reviews of a company on the Web are not an indicator, especially if there are a lot of them and all about one and especially large companies. Large companies always address issues quickly and peacefully, or in court, to prevent such reviews from appearing on the Internet. Obviously, this is an unfair competitive struggle.

With our advice you can find a really reliable New York employment lawyer or even an entire law firm. Be careful in all cases when ordering goods or services, especially when using remote service. From you just need a little more time to choose a law firm, and then you can be sure that your rights will be protected and you will get the expected result.